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These high-dollar Masters merchandise haul videos went viral on TikTok

AUGUSTA, Ga. — While the 2024 Masters Tournament concluded Sunday, haul videos from patrons who brought memorabilia home from Augusta National are continuing to go viral on TikTok.

Videos featured a wide range of items – from coveted items like the annual Masters gnome, to exclusive items only found in the invitation-only Berckmans Place.

Some creators even shared prices of each item, so future patrons can assess the potential damage to their bank account before heading to the shop or compare to resale prices on sites like Ebay.

Six of the viral TikTok creators discuss each of their Masters haul videos.


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Tori Meadows – 741,000 views

Tori Meadows, an Augusta local, had one of the most viral Masters haul videos, with nearly 800,000 views and more than 52,000 likes.

A three-time patron, Meadows won the lottery for passes to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur on Saturday and also attended the practice round Monday and Par 3 Contest Wednesday.

When it comes to shopping during the tournament, she usually tries to get to the course first thing in the morning to secure the more rare items.

“My mom really wanted a gnome [this year], so we got there at like 5:15 Saturday morning,” Meadows said.

Full-size Masters gnomes are currently selling online for $400, according to Ebay’s website. When purchased at Augusta National, they cost $49.50.

She also picked up a few items for a friend in the Philippines, noting the tournament’s global popularity.

“My fiancé went to Australia and he said that it was insane how many people were like, ‘oh, you live in Augusta, that’s where the Masters is,” Meadows said.

Among the favorite items in her 2024 haul were the “Masters stamp” pajamas, Peter Millar boxers to sleep in, and a newly released retro-style hat.


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Samantha Marks – 33,000 views

Samantha Marks, a Floridian who has attended the tournament four times, posted a unique Masters haul video featuring exclusive Berckmans Place merchandise.

“I’ve never been to Berckmans before this year and nobody really knows what to expect because there isn’t much information out there,” Marks said. “The shop was a quarter of the size the other shops and the stuff was a little bit more expensive. They had a bunch of Masters x Tory Burch purses, [clothes], candles, journals and just stuff that was way over the top and fantastic looking. Everything was beautiful. I didn’t want to touch anything.”

Marks picked up a sweater Berckmans Place that she saw PGA Tour golfer Tony Finau’s wife, Alayna Finau, post on TikTok. She also grabbed a few hats and a shirt with the Berckmans logo.

“I was like, ‘I don’t care how much it is, I need that,’” she said. “I didn’t actually look at how much it was until after checkout because I was like, ‘if you tell me now, I’m not going to get it.’ I feel like the Masters stuff in the regular merch building is already so nice, but some of the stuff in Berckmans is just next level.”

Berckmans Place hats are currently reselling on ebay for $150 each. Marks purchased hers for $39.50 each.

In total, Marks said she spent $2,800 in the normal Masters shop and $1,200 in the Berckmans Place shop.


My first time visiting Berckmans Place at #TheMasters & here’s my merch haul! #BerckmansPlace #AugustaNational #MerchHaul #MastersMerchHaul

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A former collegiate and professional golfer herself, Marks said she saw a shift in the online popularity of the Masters.

“There were a lot more people, and specifically a lot more women and younger girls, talking about it,” she said. “As somebody who played golf, loves the game, and is so deeply involved with it, that’s really exciting to me.”

Marks said she prefers the more athletic apparel items available at Augusta National’s shops, as opposed to the more casual items.

“I was buying things that I would go play golf in,” she said. “I was shopping for polos and quarter zips to wear to the country club, versus crewnecks or T-shirts … Some people would get one or two hats, I get like 15 because it’s all I wear, all year. I just want them in every color because I’m on the golf course all the time.”


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Embree Saxon – 328,000 views

Embree Saxon accumulated nearly 330,000 views on her Masters haul TikTok video, sharing items she purchased during her first time at the Masters tournament.

Saxon, who lives in Waynesboro, found out she could use a family member’s patron pass last minute.

“My in-laws offered us their second entry passes to the final round of the women’s tournament, so we were super excited,” she said. “It was very unexpected, but I felt so lucky to actually get to go.”

Some of her favorite purchases included the famous azalea hat and a collar for her dog, Murphy.

“We finished getting all of our things and I spotted the dog collars and literally shot across the store,” Saxon said. “Being the dog mom that I am, of course I knew our dog’s neck measurement to know what size collar we needed. They had some super cute bandanas and I tried to talk my husband into letting me get a Masters dog bowl … They had some really cute stuff, I was really surprised.”

Masters dog bowls are reselling on MMOGolf for $89.99, according to the site. The price for the bowl at Augusta National is $18.

What impressed Saxon the most about the shopping experience at Augusta National was the shops’ overall efficiency.

“Coming from retail, I was really impressed at how well-oiled the machine of the Masters is,” she said. “They know what they’re doing and they see it almost as like a Disney World experience – so that every single person, no matter when you go, has the same experience and it’s always good.”


MASTERS HAUL #masters #haul #masters2024 #golf #tiger

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Nick Tilson – 91,000 views

Nick Tilson, who is just getting into creating golf content on TikTok, amassed more than 90,000 views on his Masters haul video.

While most creators who post hauls are women, Tilson set himself apart from the rest with a video discussing Masters menswear.

“It was a little bit surprising of how successful that video was,” he said. “My girlfriend sent me a video of someone doing a haul during one of the practice round days and she was trying to figure out some of the things that she might want. I figured, I got all of this stuff and I haven’t seen many guys do hauls, it’s mainly a lot of females doing hauls, so I was just bored one day after work and figured I’d make one since it’s a pretty hot topic.”

Tilson, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, has worked the Masters for the last six years, earning him passes to every tournament since 2019.

“[This year], I think I made two trips for everything in that video and then I made one more trip for a few last minute things toward the end of the week,” Tilson said. “Most of what was in the video was for family and friends, but I always buy myself a flag for every year that I work. It’s more of a collector-type item for me. My favorite item this year was probably the ‘skip it’ hat, which is kind of iconic with the golfers trying to skip it on the water on the 16th hole.”

While family members asked if he could pick up a gnome for them, he said he did not have any luck finding one. However, he ended the week with numerous polos and hats featured in the video.

One of the Masters polos Tilson picked up is reselling on ebay for $200.


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Ashlyn Burt – 56,000 views

With 56,000 views on her “What I bought from the Masters” TikTok video, fashion and lifestyle creator Ashlyn Burt went viral after attending her first Masters tournament.

While she has traveled to a number of LIV tournaments, Burt had never been to a PGA event. She left home in Franklin, North Carolina at 3:30 a.m. to make it to Augusta National by 8 a.m.

She already had her eye on a few items after seeing them on other TikTok haul videos.

“There was a yellow crewneck sweater that I knew for sure I had to get,” Burt said. “But my husband said, ‘we don’t have a budget when we go into this shop, OK’ … You can’t get [Masters items] anywhere else. My husband was like a kid in a candy store. He was so excited.”

The crewneck sweatshirt Burt was able to snag is reselling on ebay for nearly $230.


The hats are always chef’s kiss #masters #themasters #2024masters #mastershaul #mastersmerch #golftiktok #golftournament

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Adabelle Buntrock – 872,000 views

Out of the six TikTok creators The Augusta Chronicle interviewed, Adabelle Buntrock had the highest number of views on a single video, amassing nearly 900,000 views in less than a week.

Buntrock’s video is a series of photos of the items she purchased, along with their prices. In the background is the iconic Master’s theme song, “Augusta,” written and recorded by Dave Loggins in 1981.

“I just figured it’d be easier to do a different type of piece of content with photos only, without any talking, so it’s easier for people,” Buntrock said. “Especially for men that are looking at that kind of stuff, I think they just want to scroll through quickly. I also noticed that in the majority of the [TikTok hauls], none of the pricing was shared and a lot of people ask questions about it.”

Growing up in Atlanta, she said she feels like the Masters is as big as the Super Bowl.

“It’s the biggest sporting event in the spring,” Buntrock said. “It’s a bucket list item. Just [seeing] the course itself, even if no golf was played, it’s just so beautiful to look at.”

While she only shopped for her family, Buntrock said some her favorite items she picked up this year were a polo pullover and six new hats.

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