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How did Scottie Scheffler wind up celebrating Masters win at a Dallas dive bar? Allow him to explain

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – A photo of Scottie Scheffler at a popular Dallas dive bar in the wee hours of the morning after winning the 88th edition of the Masters surfaced on social media on Monday. What was Scheffler, who rushed home to be with his pregnant wife Meredith, doing celebrating at a local watering hole?

“So on the plane ride home, I was with my manager Blake and my coach Randy and then I had four of my good buddies with me, and I don’t remember who suggested it, but it seemed like a good idea, and when Meredith picked us up at the airport it still seemed like a good idea, and Meredith was down, so we went for probably 20 minutes and went home,” Scheffler said. “Took a few photos, had a drink and then went home and went to bed.”

Scottie got home and went straight to the iconic dive bar Inwood Tavern to celebrate last night.

What an absolute legend! pic.twitter.com/yuK0ys2qw7

— Old Row Sports (@OldRowSports) April 15, 2024

Scheffler also explained how he wound up at Inwood Tavern of all places.

“I don’t know if I’d actually been to that place before,” he said. “There was another tavern around the corner that I’d been to a few times and it’s a nice place, but shockingly it wasn’t open Sunday at 1:30 in the morning. This place was open.”

Credit to Meredith for not only picking him up at the airport after 1 a.m. — most wives would’ve said get yourself an Uber! — but willing to go out and celebrate in style until closing time at 2 a.m.

“I think Meredith finished her Heineken Zero and it was like, now we can go,” he said.

Yes, he wore the green jacket to the bar

Scheffler wore the green jacket at the bar and said he’s looking forward to wearing it to some familiar places that he sported the famed jacket in 2022, when he won the Masters for the first time.

“I think right now the way I feel is I want to wear it around the house more,” he said. “But as far as stuff to do with it, I think I’ll probably do something similar. I think I liked going to some of the sporting events in Dallas. The Rangers won the World Series last year, the Mavs are playing some good basketball, Stars are heading into the playoffs, as well, so I’d like to go to some more games. I’ll be home for a few weeks now. Obviously things will be a little bit different with Meredith expecting pretty soon. We’ll see, but hopefully go to a few more sporting events.”

Scheffler’s green jacket tour – the sequel – is officially on and it all started with a pit stop at Inwood Tavern.

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