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Bettinardi BB Series putters (2024)

Gear: Bettinardi BB Series putters (2024)
Price: $450 each with Black PVD graphite shaft and Lamkin Etched grip.
Specs: Milled 303 stainless steel
Available: Nov. 21 (pre-order), December (in stores)

Who It’s For: Golfers who love classic shapes and the feel of a milled putter.

The Skinny: By shifting the weight and developing new milling techniques, Bettinardi has shifted the ideal hitting area into the center of the face and developed a pattern across the hitting area that enhances feel and control.

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The Deep Dive: For decades, Bettinardi putters have been loved and admired by golfers with a deep sun tan, low handicap and an appreciation for craftsmanship. Over the years, many putters looked like something that should be in a jewelry case instead of a golf bag, but Robert Bettinardi’s creations were always meant to be played, not hidden in the back of your closet.

For 2024, Bettinardi and his team are releasing updates to the BB Series. With all due respect to the multi-material Inovai mallets and the golden-toned Queen B Series, these are the putters that most golfers who know Bettinardi covet. Once again, the five different head styles will look familiar, but with an array of widths, hosel configurations and balances, there are several choices for golfers with different stroke types.

The Perpetual Flymill face pattern is designed to enhance feel. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

All the BB Series putters start as a block of 303 stainless steel before being milled at Bettinardi’s factory in Tinley Park, Illinois. That means a fast-spinning, computer-controlled bit passes back and forth over the block and shaves off pieces of metal with each pass. Milling takes time, but it allows Bettinardi to replicate the designer’s creations in the most precise way possible.

After the heads are formed, the Perpetual Flymill Face milling is added to the hitting area, leaving a pattern of diamonds over the face. The milling is not deep, but it is designed to help golfers get the ball rolling, instead of skidding, more quickly while also amplifying the feel of impact. The milling pattern also helps to improve the sound created when the face strikes the ball.

In the updated BB Series, the size and shape of the bumpers, back flanges and shoulders have been tweaked. Most golfers won’t notice the differences, but adding mass in strategic locations helps to offset the weight of the hosel and shift the center of gravity location more into the center of the face.

Finally, all the BB Series putters have been given a Black Pearl PVD finish that reduces glare and gives the putters a more compact look in the address position.

Below are several close-up images of the new Bettinardi BB Series putters for 2024.

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