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From High Tech to Low Tech, golf training aids abound

Teaching and Training Aids that will Definitely lower your score.

Visiting the annual PGA Show in Orlando, I am always intrigued by the ingenuity exhibited as to regards to teaching and training aids available.

Well, as you can imagine, training aids are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get inside. Thanks Forrest for a great truth.

We tested all these products at the Torrey Pines and Desert Willow golf courses using their staff PGA teaching pros, as well as our usual group of testers and those of the PGTAA (

A caveat:  Whichever training or teaching aid you decide on to rectify that part of your game that is lacking, you must use it regularly to obtain the benefits!

When it comes to golf teaching and training aids there is positively no shortage from which to pick from. There are teaching and training aids available for every facet of your golf game. From having a proper stance to sinking the last putt, there is something available to help anyone. The best advice here is to not get confused.

You must decide on a golf training aid that can help cure a particular problem area of your golf.

These are some really good products that merit your attention:

Putt – Rite Training Aid

Rite Training AidThere are three basic tenets to better putting – setup and aim, green reading and distance control.

Think you know where you are aiming? Want to improve your aim and distance control?

Putter misalignment is the greatest disruption of a simple path to the golf hole and creates compensating motion in the putting stroke.

Most golfers misalign their putter left or right of the cup from just 10 feet. Surprisingly, over 30% will misalign over 8″ left or right of the cup from that same distance. The result? The Putt-Rite Training Aid is the inexpensive solution.

Golfers tend to set up incorrectly without realizing it, thereby, causing them to compensate by either pulling or pushing the stroke. The Putt-Rite, by  itself, will show where a player is aiming.

Using a putter such as the Odyssey Versa* putter series in conjunction with the Putt-Rite, will speed up your putting skills. Once a player knows his or her bias, corrections can be made in alignment and in custom-fitting the putter.

The new Putt-Rite putting aide will definitely get you to your desired goal of lowering your score and therefore your handicap.

Setting up this user-friendly training aid is as simple as shown in the photo. Find a straight stretch of green and insert the two golf ball pins ensuring the white dot is immediately behind the hole. Start practicing as often as possible.


Voice Caddie Portable Launch Monitor – The  Swing CaddieSC100

Voice CaddieHaving trouble determining how far you hit each club? Are you lacking confidence with approach shots between 35 and 85 yards? Want more consistency?

If you are like most golfers, the short answer is most definitely. Whereas launch monitors have most always been the domain for Tour players and expensive, today’s technology now affords the golfer their own personal launch monitor for under $250.00.

What’s most attractive about this product  is its user friendly design, graphics and ease of use. It looks like an oversized iPhone, but its small profile means it won’t be a nuisance to carry in your bag when heading to the range.

Set the SC100 on its built-in stand four to five feet directly behind your ball, and start hitting. While the graphics on the SC100 need improvement, the information you receive from the unit gives you carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor—the kind of stats average golfers can understand and use.

In addition, it has three play modes to make every swing interesting and enjoyable.

Swing Caddie provides instant visual feedback and stores stats for each club in three modes: Practice Mode, Target Mode, and Random Mode. The better your accuracy, the better your score! You can challenge yourself to reach your target distance and score 10/10 every time.

The Orange Whip  Putter

orange-whipAs a follow up to Jim Hackenberg’s original and successful Orange Whip Trainer, the Orange Whip Putter  is an ideal teaching and training aid for golfers who consistently struggle with putting. The device will teach you to make a steadier and smoother stroke.

Its flexible shaft and overall weight will force users to pay attention to the pace and length of their strokes, as well as where they are making contact on the face.

The most efficient way to deliver the energy from the putter head to the golf ball is by making center contact through impact. This pure connection improves the roll of the golf ball after impact. The Putting Wand has a spherical face, making center contact crucial and off center impact exaggerated

putting-wandThe Orange Whip Putting Wand helps you improve your putting rhythm and tempo by taking your hands out of the stroke and synchronizing your arms and body together, thanks to its flexible shaft.

The spherical face exaggerates off-center hits and assists in developing “center contact” for a truer roll. It battles the yips and deceleration and improves distance and direction control.

The buzz word today in putters is counter-balance. The Putting Wand has its version – that small, white weight that looks suspiciously like a golf ball and screws into the top of the grip, works in tandem with the club head to promote greater rhythm in the swing. If you wish to try the club without the counterweight, simply unscrew the ball and putt away.

The Putting Wand comes in two different sizes, 33″ and 35″, and can be used by both left and right handed players.


Zoom Boom Golf


This is the best $99.95 you will spend on your golf game!

The essence of this training device is a counter balanced golf swing training aid that teaches the golfer to delay the release, aka maintaining lag, and the squaring of the club face. It works best in front of a mirror where the feedback is visible.

Why are the balls different colors? Because they make learning the golf swing the easiest thing in the world. Get your grip with the green ball up and blue ball down. Make a back swing. On the down swing keep the red ball below your hands to your zipper. Rotate the green ball over the blue ball to the follow through. Do that a few times, then just swing it and because the way the Zoom Boom is weighted, it will teach you the proper motion of the golf swing. And, because it weights 4.4 lbs., you will be getting a golf specific workout in the process.Coupled with a full turn on every swing, this training aid is at its best.

In a nutshell, with the Zoom Boom, you will feel better lag, better timing and learn how to properly square the face at impact.

The Zoom Boom may be used right or left handed.

Customer service is outstanding and if you ever have any questions, Lance McWilliams, the owner and inventor is there to help, as is their YouTube video:

PSP – Pure. Solid. Perfect. – The Makers of “The Little One Men’s Golf Club” Training Aids

little-oneWhat better endorsement of your product when it’s Sean Foley?

Both the “The Little One 7″ and “The Little One PW” are exemplary products that deliver what they promise – better striking skills and wedge skills. Your ability to increase your focusing skills is an added benefit of these clubs.By having a more specific (smaller) target you will become more focused on achieving that goal with a higher level of concentration.

I have been using the Little One 7 on a consistent basis with consistent results. The Little One PW is definitely improving my short game.

They are both simple and effective. The Little One 7  re-establishes the No.1 goal of the golf swing, which is to consistently find the center of the club face.

This dramatically smaller club head demands focus that carries over when hitting regular size clubs resulting in more consistent, solid and repeatable shots  through all your clubs.

The Little One PW has a 48 degree loft and is available in a Lite, Regular or Stiff shaft. $109.95.

The Little One 7 is available in right and left hand with various shaft options. $99.95

PSP Golf is offering a $29.95 discount if you purchase both clubs.

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America ( . He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf”, now in its fifth printing, is used by many PGA Tour members. He can be reached at

The Top 12 Golf Products of the 2014 PGA Show

The event this year, again, was an ode to the creativity and innovation of those who love golf, are continually searching for the perfect club, and for the best way to become a scratch golfer.

Adjustability was the key word this year, from drivers to fairway woods to hybrids.
At every PGA Show I attend, the hardest part is identifying the best products at the Show. This year was no exception. One faces a major hurdle – having enough time to visit and talk with the inventors and sales’ teams. This year the Show organizers scheduled both a demo day for retailers and club manufacturers, as well as an indoor testing area. Both were extremely well attended.

Below are twelve of the best products I saw, but trust me when I tell you, it was like Noah’s Ark – there were at least two products in each and every category. In upcoming articles, we will take a look at all the major categories of hard goods and soft goods.

Bobby Jones Men’s Clothing Line

Bobby JonesShotUsually, when visiting the Show or even the golf course, I always look forward to seeing the latest clothing being worn by either sex. Normally, it is the cookie cutter polo shirts, hi tech fabrics, striped shirts, same old shoes and pants that dominate the scene.

For a quarter century, Bobby Jones has provided luxury men’s and women’s sportswear, including polo shirts, button downs, shorts, slacks and sweaters/knits to demanding consumers looking to exude a classy, cool confidence on and off the course. The Bobby Jones brand can be found at the finest golf clubs, resorts and haberdasheries in the world. But I was blown away at the Show by the Bobby Jones 1930 Collection. This is a luxury sportswear collection more so than a golf collection, to celebrate Bobby Jones the man and celebrate his 1930 Grand Slam. This is the epitome of luxury, class, cache and any other adjective relating to the word upscale.

Prices range from $145.00 to $2495.00 for a Shearling Duffel made from Spanish Lamb with Icelandic Reindeer horns for toggles. 

Heaven Golf Shoes

HEAVEN HiResThis is a new golf footwear system just being introduced into the United States and is designed to help improve balance and promote a more relaxed, dynamic walking motion while traversing the course.

The innovation in the Heaven Golf shoe is the Dynamic Balance Technology, a rounded outsole with an open chassis in place of the padded foam midsole and outsole found in conventional golf footwear. The unique outsole can help provide the golfer with a better awareness of balance and also promote a more fluid, natural walking motion that contributes to better overall health.


Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Wood

Tour Edge Hi Res XCG7 FairwayXCG7 fairway wood continues the Exotics tradition of excellence. The Exotics XCG7 model is designed with greater forgiveness in mind. It features a lower profile and larger club head. The XCG7 has a custom 465 forged maraging steel cup face to produce massive launch speed and reach a very high USGA CT level for superior length. 5 lofts are available from 13- 21 degrees.

Also available is the XCG7 Beta model which is highlighted by a deeper face and a smaller clubhead promoting a more boring trajectory. A callout to its name, the XCG7 Beta features a forged beta titanium cup face for supreme COR (Coefficient of Restitution) . The face is combo-brazed to the hyper-steel body.

The Tour Edge Exotics products feature a lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee.

$249.99. The Beta version is $299.99

Callaway Alpha and Big Bertha Drivers

These two Big Bertha drivers, the X2 Hot driver plus the Apex irons were the “Show Stealers”, making the Callaway booth the busiest booth throughout the Show. With victories on Tour already, the Big Bertha name is standing the test of time in a fickle golf industry

The Callaway Alpha is fully adjustable and features a revolutionary new technology – the Gravity Core and Hyper Speed Face.

callaway_berthaThe gravity core allows you to adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle. Use the included wrench to change the gravity core whether you are looking for a lower spinning head or more of a total performance mid-spin design. The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver has everything you need in one head design.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha drivers also allow you to increase or decrease the loft and Draw/Neural bias of the club quickly and easily for your preferred shot shape.

The Big Bertha is fully adjustable, the Hyper Speed face is 10% lighter than the original version. The new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting slides toward the rear of the club has an infinite number of draw and fade options. This means you can really dial in the accuracy off the tee.

Callaway Big Bertha drivers, being fully adjustable, allow players to increase or decrease loft and draw/fade bias quickly and easily with a few clicks.

$499.00 for the Alpha model and $399.00 for the Big Bertha.

The Callaway X2 Hot Drivers

300x250-X2-Hot-Driver-260x185The X Hot line was very successful with their drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Now there are two new X2 Hot drivers: the 440cc X2 Hot Pro driver which features a slightly smaller 440cc clubhead that is optimal for mid to low handicap players. The extremely popular Aldila Tour Green graphite shaft is available as standard or this head. This driver features the Advanced Adjustable Hosel technology that allows you to change your loft -1º thru +2º in a neutral or draw setting independent of each other. Lofts Available: 8.5° fully adjustable.

The other driver in the series is the 460cc X2-Hot driver and is available in lofts of 9° • 10.5° • HT (13.5°). The standard shaft is the Aldila Tour Blue shaft, so expect outstanding feel, forgiveness, control and, of course, distance. The driver also features a new adjustment system that can be changed from -1º thru +2º in a neutral or draw setting independent of each other.

The new Hyper Speed Face is lighter and faster for more forgiveness and control on all shots on both the Pro and Regular models.
Both drivers retail for $329.99.

apex-forgedCallaway Apex Forged Irons

The 1020 forged carbon steel body is combined with an ultra-hot carpenter steel face for faster ball speeds and more distance not usually seen in traditional forged irons. The re-designed undercut cavity and tungsten weights are added to improve launch conditions and overall performance. Set Options: 3-PW • 4-PW & AW • 4-PW • 5-PW.

The Pro Forged version is a premium set used mainly by Tour players and low handicappers who look for more control and consistency.

From $1099.00 to $1200.00

Versa Jailbird Putte

Versa-Jailbird-PutterOnce again Odyssey has a winner on their hands with the Jailbird. Aside from the insert which is Odyssey’s bread and butter and USP (Unique Selling Proposition), it has been upgraded to give the golfer more consistent sound, feel and performance.

The Versa technology adapted by so many Tour players has also been improved by adding an additional high contrast alignment stripe, enhancing alignment through your stroke to accentuate the face angle and improve your concentration.

The head weighs 355grams, the loft is 3º, the lie angle is 70º and is available in 33″,34″ and 35″ lengths .


Golf Pride hi resx-ray-image-both-3D copyGolf Pride Grips

With these new grips, Golf Pride Brings Comfort and Control with Softest Performance Grips Ever.

The CP2 line will be available in two models, CP2 Pro™ (Red) and CP2 Wrap™ (Blue), to accommodate players with two distinctly different texture preferences. The CP2 Pro offers a straight, texture grip pattern, while the CP2 Wrap is designed for those golfers who appreciate the softness of a comfort grip delivered in a classic wrap design.

Both CP2 models are 31% softer than any other grip in the Golf Pride line and feature the company’s proprietary new Control Core technology; a 2.5” inner control core stabilizer. Located at the top of the grip where the greatest amount of swing pressure is received, the Control Core reduces torque by 41% compared to the same grip without the core. A straighter taper in the lower section encourages even hand pressure for a more stable and consistent swing.
Feel and control are the hallmarks of these grips and they look great!

The CP2 line features three sizes: standard, midsize and jumbo, with a street price of $6.99, $7.49 and $7.99, respectively, and will be available through golf specialty stores and green-grass retailers beginning March 2014.

Vokey SM5 Wedges

Vokey SM5 WedgesAll of the SM5 wedges are cast from 8620 carbon steel for soft feel at impact and feature a unique, face-roughening treatment to enhance spin.

A series of circular micro-edges are milled into the empty face of each wedge to increase friction, which Titleist says increase spin consistency on partial shots.

Seventeen grooves are then individually machine-milled into the face. Finally, the wedges are given a heat treatment that helps the grooves maintain their sharpness longer.


New Balance Golf

New Balance Hi Res Minimus Sport PGAOne of the best known brands in footwear is also in the golf shoe business. Golfers who need wider fitting shoes will be jumping for joy on the tee boxes and greens.

Minimus Sport (Athletic Design – Performance Spikeless)

The ultra-lightweight athletic styled Minimus Sport features a water resistant, breathable air-mesh upper with a stability cage for cool, comfortable support.

The shoe is built on New Balance’s Minimus last which has a wider forefoot for a spacious and comfortable fit. The REVlite™ 4 mm drop midsole and lower heel stack height provides light weight cushioning, sensory feedback and dynamic stability. The Minimus has an Ortholite® moisture wicking comfort insole with antimicrobial fabric treatment to reduce odor and fungus. The dual density molded outsole provides excellent stability and traction in all conditions

Men’s Styles: Grey with Green Accents; Black with Royal Accents and Black
Sizes: 7-12, 13, 14, 15. Widths: D & 2E (select styles).
Weight: 7.3 oz.
Suggested Retail: $99.95
New Balance is offering 4 additional styles which can all be seen at www.newbalance.

Bridgestone 2014 Tour B330 golf balls with Hydro Core Technology

Bridgestone Hi Res

Hydro Core technology simply means that the inner core is much softer than before and the outer section is much firmer.• Therefore, it is going to reduce more spin than previous models, and it’s going to travel faster than previous versions as a result of this firmer outer region. Tour B330: This four-piece ball is designed for players who have a driver clubhead speed over 105 mph. Tour B330S: Like the Tour B330, this ball is for golfers with a driver clubhead speed over 105 mph, but this one is for players who don’t create a lot of spin. Tour B330-RX: This three-piece ball was optimized for players who swing their driver less than 105 mph, but create too much spin off the tee. Tour B330-RXS: This three-piece ball spins more than the B330-RX for golfers who have a driver swing speed below 105 mph. Price $45.00 per dozen for each model. 

PG Fan Hi ResF Front ViewPersonal Golf Fan

Whether you are in 110 degree weather or 75 degree weather , staying cool simply makes a round of golf more pleasurable. The PGF fan WILL make you feel cooler , refreshed and to back up its capabilities take note of the following:

The battery runs for 6 ½ – 8 hours at regular speed. At high speed all the time, 3.5 – 4 hours.

Charging takes about 3 hours.

The fan will fit in the majority of available carts being used today.
The PGF was designed to fit into the cup holder of a golf cart and has an angle adjustment so that the fan can be directed in the proper direction. It was also designed with quality in mind, including a lithium-ion battery that can be charged up to 2,000 times, the company claims. It features a brushless ball-bearing motor that the company says will last for more than 10,000 hours.

Next month will be the Show wrap up and will include teaching and training aids, measurement devices and clubs.
Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf”, now in its fifth printing, is used by many PGA Tour members. He can be reached at

Amazing New Products for 2014: Let’s Talk About Drivers

I have always said that “contentment is not a fulfillment of a want, but the realization of what one has.”


However, golfers seem to overlook or ignore this tenet when it comes to their golf game, aka, golf addiction.

The clubs below are going to be the cause célèbres at the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, in January 2014.

Callaway Big Bertha

This year—2014—more than in past years, there are reasons that will make you consider a switch: Callaway is bringing back one of the most revered names in golf equipment: The Big Bertha. Due out on February 14, 2014, two versions will be brought to market—the Big Bertha ($399) and the Big Bertha Alpha ($499).

Its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is that it is faster, more robust, with Callaway’s new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance from a total performance driver. Both these drivers are overflowing with adjustability.

The Adjustable Perimeter Weighting technology is an innovative sliding weight (5 inches) that can be moved around the perimeter of the driver head to help individuals produce longer, straighter drives.

13.12.10-big-bertha-alphaOne of these new drivers, the Big Bertha Alpha, is the first driver to enable independent adjustments of four significant performance characteristics to promote distance: loft, lie, Center of Gravity (draw) bias, and—most innovatively—Center of Gravity (height).

The driver features a unique adjustable weight pin inserted vertically in the head. This pin, called the Gravity Core, has a heavy end and a light end, and it will change the center of gravity depending on whether the heavy end is positioned up or down in the head. The Gravity Core weighs 10.5 grams and has a heavy tungsten tip on a light nylon body. It fits into a carbon fiber tube, accessible from the sole of the driver.

Loft adjustment can be made with the OptiFit hosel, creating a loft range of one degree stronger or two degrees weaker than the stock loft. Golfers can choose from 9, 10.5 and 13.5 stock lofts. The OptiFit hosel also allows a golfer to adjust the face angle between neutral and draw settings.

The Big Bertha is 45.5 inches with a D2 swing weight and a 100 gram head weight. The Big Bertha Alpha is 45.5 inches with a swing weight of D3 and a 205 gram head weight. Two lofts, 9 and 10.5 degrees, are available. Like the regular Big Bertha driver, each loft of the Big Bertha Alpha can be adjusted one degree strong or two degrees weak.

Both Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha have Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face, which is the lightest and largest face ever sold by Callaway.

Standard shafts are from Mitsubishi Rayon: Fubuki Z for Big Bertha and Fubuki ZT for Big Bertha Alpha. These two shafts are new for 2014 and replace the Fubuki Alpha that has been very popular on the PGA Tour.

In a nutshell, the Big Bertha ($399) features a sliding weight device on the back of the head. The other, the Big Bertha Alpha ($499) has four methods of adjustment for different flight patterns.

13.12.06-nike-vrs-covert-2.0-driverNike Covert 2.0 Drivers

Already a two-time winner on Tour, the new VRS Covert 2.0 drivers, the Covert Tour model, and the Covert driver, deliver more forgiving distance, faster ball speed and simple, intuitive customization to meet the swing needs of every golfer.

The new VRS Covert 2.0 driver, shown in the photo, features a redesigned cavity with Fly-Brace technology that ties the sole to the crown. By stiffening the rear portion of the club, more energy is transferred to the face at impact.

The High-Speed Cavity Back technology redistributes weight to the heel and toe allowing for increased distance and more stability across the face of the driver.

The VRS Covert 2.0 drivers feature two additional proprietary technologies – a larger, re-engineered NexCOR face for increased ball speed and distance, and FlexLoft adjustability, which allows golfers to easily customize loft and face angle positions for 15 drivers in one.

The redesigned NexCOR face incorporates variable face thickness for a faster, hotter face and as a result, more speed at impact. It is 15-percent larger in the VRS Covert 2.0 Tour driver and seven-percent larger in the VRS Covert 2.0 driver.

As for shafts, the second generation of Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage shafts are the standard graphite option for both models. In the VRS Covert 2.0 Tour, the Kuro Kage Silver 60 graphite, featuring Titanium Nickel fiber in the tip section, creates more stability and lower spin. The VRS Covert 2.0 utilizes the Kuro Kage Black HBP Graphite 50 shaft with a higher balance point, allowing for higher swing speeds without adding shaft length.

The VRS Covert 2.0 Tour driver and VRS Covert 2.0 driver will be available on and at select retailers on Jan. 31, 2014, for a suggested retail price of $399 and $299, respectively.

VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Driver Specifications: 8.5-12.5º, RH/LH: R, S, X

VRS Covert 2.0 Driver Specifications: 8.5-12.5º, RH/LH: A, R, S, W

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

13.12.10-taylormade-jetspeed-driverThis 46 inch, 299 gram JetSpeed driver is the first-ever driver to incorporate TaylorMade’s renowned Speed Pocket technology.

According to my questions to TaylorMade about the JetSpeed’s naming decision, their response was simply that the JetSpeed driver isn’t called JetSpeed for nothing. All elements of this club converge to promote extreme velocity, swing speed, club head speed and ball speed. “When a jet puts the pedal all the way to the metal it’s known as Full Military Power. That’s what JetSpeed delivers”.

This adjustable driver could be considered the replacement for the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 and RBZ Stage 2 Tour drivers introduced in February 2013. The JetSpeed series of clubs are a complement to the SLDR line and not a replacement, according to TaylorMade.

The JetSpeed driver has a shallow, or short, face when measured from sole to crown and a 3-degree adjustable hosel.

JetSpeed also incorporates a low-forward CG (Center of Gravity) location, which has been proven in previous TaylorMade drivers to generate faster ball speed and lower spin compared to the low-back CG that has for years been accepted as the best location for promoting distance. Because low-forward also promotes a lower launch angle, most players will have to “loft up” to realize the full distance-enhancing benefits of JetSpeed. Its Loft-sleeve technology allows you to easily choose from one of 12 positions that give you a range of loft adjustment from ±1.5°.

Visually, the streamlined JetSpeed head features a matte black crown with a unique tonal decal that promotes accurate alignment. Imagine an F-16 that wanted to grow up to be a driver and you’ll get the picture. The stock shaft is the Matrix Velox T 49 (49 grams). A TP version is also available, the difference being the Matrix Velox 60 shaft.

The driver comes stock with a 46-inch Matrix Velox T 49 shaft in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 13 degrees and sells for $299. It is also available in a TP model with the beefier Matrix Velox T 60 shaft for $399.

Cobra BiO Cell Driver

13.12.10-cobra-bio-cellAccording to Cobra’s testing, the BiO Cell drivers, thanks to their 50 percent lower CG, are longer than last year’s AMP Cell drivers which makes the new model launch an average of 1.2 degrees higher than the original AMP Cell with about 300 rpms less spin.

The lower CG was made possible through Cobra’s “BiO Cell” technology, changes to the walls of the 460-cubic-centimeter driver head that were inspired by strong, lightweight structures found in nature such as spider webs and beehives.

The BiO CELL+ driver with its 440cc head, available both in right-handed and left-handed models, is designed to deliver maximum distance, forgiveness and control. The driver features a new multi-material crown design (T.O.P. Technology), Cell weighting in the crown and face to optimize MOI and CG placement, and 8 loft settings that allow you to tune the driver for maximum distance to match your swing.

The new BiO CELL pockets combined with its forged E9 Face technology, remove weight from the face to deliver a larger effective Sweet Zone with faster ball speeds for longer and straighter drives – especially on off-center hits.

The BiO Cell driver also has Cobra’s new MyFly8 adjustable hosel, which adds two more settings than its predecessor. (Note: The new hosel design will not accommodate shafts with the company’s original MyFly tips).

The MyFly8 hosel gives golfers five different loft settings, 9, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 12 degrees, as well as three draw (D) settings, 9.5D, 10.5D and 11.5D, which make the club more upright to promote more draw bias. Those eight settings work with the company’s Smart Pad, a 1.5-cm strip on the sole of the driver that helps keep the driver head square throughout its 3-degree adjustable range. In its lowest loft, 9 degrees, the BiO Cell will sit about 0.5-degrees opened, while in its highest loft, 12 degrees, the driver will sit about 0.75-degrees closed.

The Cobra BiO Cell drivers ($299) will come stock with a 45.75-inch True Temper Project X PXv shaft, a co-engineered design available in lite, regular, stiff and x-stiff flexes. The stock swing weights are D3 (lite flex) D4 (regular and stiff flexes) and D4.5 (x-stiff flex). The Matrix red Tie 6Q3 shafts in X,S and R flexes are also available. The grips are the popular Lamkin Ace 3Gen 360 black grips.

Next month’s article will include fairway woods, irons, and great new products from the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando.

In the meantime, take a test drive with any of the aforementioned drivers. I am sure there is a model that will boost both your distance and self confidence.


Some Really Great Training Aids, Equipment, and New Products – Ideal Gifts for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Every year there seems to be a surge in new golf equipment, both in hard goods (equipment) and soft goods (clothing). 2013 brought some exceptional products to the market and merit your attention. Read more


La Quinta – Exposing The Best Attractions

First of all, if you are planning a trip to La Quinta on purpose or you will be simply passing though La Quinta on your way to a different town or city, we recommend you stop in Old Town La Quinta for a while. You will discover several restaurants serving tasty food and also a few shops to buy some souvenirs from. You will also find plenty of places to do some basic shopping in, and, why not, spend a lovely afternoon there. There are plenty of ice cream stores, and Gracie’s or the Olive Oil shops should be first on your list. Also, if you are a big fan of chai latte, you must visit the Old Town Coffee Shop and enjoy the tasty drink there.


La Quinta Mountain Course

This is one of the highest appreciated attractions in La Quinta if you are a huge fan of golfing or you are just beginning to embrace the sport. The 18-hole golf course here is prone to bring you hours of endless fun in a very nice resort course that is placed in the Santa Rosa Mountains.  The views there are absolutely mesmerizing and reaching the back nine are going to make you come back for more. The staff there is excellent and the clubhouse also features a spectacular view.     

Also, there is the PGA West TPC Stadium Golf Course you could also check out for a change; the golf course was especially designed by Jack Nicklaus and it hosts 18-hole golf championships. It features a large number o amazing lakes and steep drop off the edges of the greens, so it makes for another excellent attraction for when you’re in La Quinta.  


Havnfun Hot Air Ballooning

If you would be interested in hot air ballooning, La Quinta has got what you need; upscale hot air balloon rides you will not forget easily above the beautiful Palm Springs area, seeing the Santa Rosa mountains and the Southern California panorama, the date palm trees and the rest of the scenery there is definitely something you are going to want to experience again and again every time you will come back here. The 360-degree tour and the homemade pastries and local mimosas offered to passengers choosing to go on a sunrise hot air balloon ride or the fresh fruit, champagne, and cheese provided to sunset clients are definitely going to make everyone’s day.      

Spa La Quinta is an excellent relaxation place, so if you have a couple of hours to kill while in town, we definitely recommend the spa center here. If you need extra money to visit all of these places and buy some souvenirs from the local shops, you could click for more details and discover how playing online  games for real money  could help you round your incomes.  read reviews of places like Paddy Power Bingo, Lucky Touch Bingo, Fabulous Bingo, or RedBus casino and decide which one suits your needs best.  

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Everything Golf

Golf is a very popular sport, which is why there are so many shops and websites dedicated to the sport. On, you will find articles and blogs dedicated to the sport of golf. If you are looking at the website right now, you can see that their headline article is about the top 12 products of the 2014 PGA show. So, what are these golf products? Bobby Jones clothes, Heaven golf shoes, Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Wood, Callaway Alpha and Big Bertha drivers, Callaway X2 Hot Drivers, callaway Apex Forged Irons, Versa Jailbird putter, Golf Pride Grips, Vokey SM5 wedges, New Balance Golf shoes, and the personal golf fan. If you look on the left side of the webpage, you will also see that they have helpful golf tips and tricks for those who are looking to step up their game and improve their techniques. This website is definitely a place to get great information whether you are a pro golfer or someone just starting out. 
Bobby JonesShot

Speaking Of Sports

Not only do people play sports, they also bet on them.  Online sports betting is very poopular, especially if you need quick money and the odds are good in your favor. Have you ever considered running your own sports betting website? It is a very simple thing to do if you choose to do it with a company called Ladbrokes Partners. This company allows for people to join their group and promote their products, such as sports betting websites. You pick their product and depending on how many people visit your website, that is how much commission you will make. They also have a skilled team of marketers who will give you all of the marketing materials you are going to need to promote their product and website. Not only will you have access to the marketing materials, you will also be given analytical reports based on the trends of your website. If you are looking for something new to do to make a little extra money, this is the place you will want to check out. 
Bridgestone Hi Res
Golf is a game for the patient population. There is a lot of concentration and skill involved in this particular sport. It isn't just hitting a ball into a hole, there is a lot of thought that has to go into it. Websites like is a great tool for old and new players of the game to catch up on the latest trends, tips and tricks.

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Daphne’s Head Covers

When it comes to making animal head covers, there is no one better than Daphne’s. They focus solely on creating realistic looking, quality head covers of all Mother Nature’s critters.

South Africa = World Cup Fever 2010

If so, and you enjoy world class hotels, lodges and adventures throughout South Africa, there is a one-stop, high end hospitality organization that you can entrust with all your whims and desires. One of the founders in 2004 of this organization, Jack Brotherton, personifies a “man for all seasons”. Not only does he pilot both a helicopter and airplane, but his personality is infectious, he is passionate about Africa and he always makes the time to meet you and make you feel you are the most important person in the room.

His Seasons in Africa Group has to be considered one of the world’s top eco system devotee and hospitality organizations. His Elephant Whispers property is a must see (visit the web site for details) and works in close partnership with EFAF (Elephants for Africa Forever).

Seriously, instead of spending hours and hours trying to get around and figure out what to see and where to stay, Seasons in Africa has probably the best accommodations, best service and best venues anywhere in South Africa.

After arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa’s primary entry gateway, after an extremely long flight from the USA, head for #1 Melrose Boulevard to accommodations that are superb in every respect. Personal service and ambience are just two benefits that are ubiquitous, better than any of the city’s top 5 star hotels!

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This Month’s Featured Web Site Featured Golf School
See the Putter that is causing a stir on the Tour. This putter is a hole seeking fiend!

Professional Golf Teachers Association

PGTAA graduates have access to positions as golf teaching professionals including head professionals at

both private and public country clubs, golf schools, driving ranges, golf learning centers, indoor facilities, high schools and college coaches. Custom club makers have added golf teaching as a new dimension to their businesses. Graduates can also expect to hold positions as managers of both public and private golf facilities within the US and internationally.

A magazine’s review of the PGTAA

Instruction Area Gof Tips and Tricks

Having problems with your swing? – Fix your slice! by Johnny Miller

I recently was examining swing sequences of some of the greatest players in history. Knowing that some of these players favored a draw as their standard shot while others preferred a fade, I sought to identify swing features within each group that would explain their respective ball-flight tendencies. Something profound emerged that I think will benefit all golfers, especially those cursed with a wicked slice.

What I found was this: Virtually every accomplished fader of the ball–from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods–displayed a straight left arm at the top of the backswing. Conversely, those who preferred a draw–players like Arnold Palmer and Bobby Jones–maintained a slight bend at the elbow.

This discovery is great news for most slicers, as they tend to do by accident what intentional faders do on purpose. In this article I’ll explain why the dynamic works, and how a simple swing change will make a powerful draw your standard shot.

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This area of is designed to help everyone improve their golf game, pros and novices alike. Here our two Pro’s, Geoff Greig and Mark Immelman, explore different aspects of the golf swing and game improvement techniques.

Although we are not able to directly answer questions relating to golf tips, you might try posting your question on our golf tips message board.

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