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Tiger Woods and his Sunday red: The science behind the color

Red is a powerful color. It represents many different things around the world including love, the devil, luck in China, the British Queen’s royal regalia, Tiger Woods’ Sunday attire and more.

Color psychology has found that red can impact our mood, emotions and actions. Researchers at the University of Illinois discovered that red is also associated with strength.

Woods has said in past interviews that his mother influenced his Sunday polo color as she thought it was his “power color.” His mother is from Thailand where people wear colors based on the day of the week. In Thailand, Sunday’s color is red.

Some people believe that this is a superstitious ritual for Woods, and that he believes that the color red brings him good luck. Others have theorized that Woods wears red on the final day of tournaments because it helps him to stand out on the course, making it easier for fans and broadcasters to keep track of his movements.

Tiger Woods signals to the crowd after putting on no. 6 during the final round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. (Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran-Augusta Chronicle/USA TODAY Sports)

The vibrant hue that is often associated with strong emotions such as passion, love, and anger. But what is it about red that makes it so captivating?

The makeup of a red wavelength appears striking. Red has the longest wavelength of any color in the visible spectrum, which means that it is the first color that the human eye perceives when looking at a rainbow or spectrum of colors. Red is often the first color babies are able to distinguish, and explains why it is used as an attention grabbing color for signals such as stop signs and fire trucks.

Heat and warmth typically are associated with the color red. This may be due to the fact that red objects tend to absorb more light than objects of other colors, which can give the impression that they are hot to the touch. This property of red may also explain why red is often used to signal danger or caution, as in the case of a red warning light or the red “danger” zone on a thermometer.

Regardless of the reasons for Tiger Woods’ preference for red, it is clear that the color red has a strong psychological impact on people. Whether it is used to signal danger, to show passion and love, or simply to catch the eye, red is a color that is sure to make an impact.

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