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A Putter Aficionado’s Dream Comes True!
Hole-Seeking Weapons have Arrived!

  By: Dr. Barry Lotz
Without any doubt whatsoever, putting is the most critical golf skill that needs to be acquired to become, not only proficient in putting, but to be a good/low handicapper. Yet, after all is said and done, all the articles written, usage endorsements paid to pros, putting is the most elusive skill for a golfer to acquire.

Not a single Tour event goes by, be it on the PGA, LPGA or Nationwide Tours, that the pros continue to tinker with and change putters, sometimes each day of a tournament.

It’s all about confidence in your putting game and it is built from understanding the correct techniques and how these lead to improved putting. Of course, as Gary Player is fond of saying, “the harder one practices, the luckier one gets”.

While there are many types of putters, golfers should not overlook many additional options to improve their putting by trying different types and grip configurations, such as the belly putter, the tall putter, putting left-handed, switch putting, or any of many types of grip options – cross-handed style, the claw, ten-fingered grip, reverse overlap, or split-handed. And new oversized grips such as the Super Stroke are also now commonplace even on Tour.

However, and this point cannot be over emphasized, getting custom fit by a competent club fitter will solve 90% of all your putting problems. As far as I am concerned, the best in the business is David Edel Golf, about whom you can read below.

Of course, knowing whether your stroke arcs more than it is of the straight-back/straight type will also be of utmost importance, as blades are ideal for arc swings and mallets for the latter style.

Take advantage of all the new technical breakthroughs in materials and designs for putters. Find out what works for you, then enjoy the great game of golf to its fullest. The more you know about your putting game the better off you will be in purchasing a putter.

As mental coaches often explain to PGA Tour players, nowhere in the principles of putting and/or rules of golf does the word “right” appear. So why in the world is “right-handed- low” the only option that is offered by a majority of golf teachers? It is because golf is such a traditional game. Some of the definitions in Webster’s Dictionary for “traditionalism” are: “an inherited pattern of thought or action”, “the doctrines or practices of those who FOLLOW OR ACCEPT tradition”, and “the beliefs of those opposed to Modernism, liberalism, or even radicalism”. So if you are struggling with your putting, just remember that it takes courage to be different, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Golf is more fun when you are the best putter that you can be, whatever the technique employed and the putter used.

Recently we reviewed these putters that can improve both one’s putting and enjoyment in a remarkably short time:

 David Edel’s Golf Fitting Technology – It’s all about AIM! on imperfect visual aim by 99% of individuals, including Tour players, Edel Golf offers a process of carefully fitting each golfer one at a time. Edel has certified fitters throughout the United States. It took Edel just 30 minutes to fit me to a putter that found the hole consistently, after he diagnosed that I was aiming to the left. Most impressive to me was that I finally was able to convey what weight and feel worked well for me and see the results fast.

After the fitting process is complete, with over 30 million permutations available to get your putter fitted perfectly, you will own a truly custom putter ideal for your game. Most importantly, your confidence increases and putting statistics improve rapidly.

Edel Golf offers three unique designs that can be built to a golfer’s specific need: Basic, Variable Weight and Variable Loft. All Edel Golf putters are precisely milled from a block of 303 Stainless Steel – available in six head shapes (Columbia, Willamette, McKenzie, Rogue, Umpqua, Deschutes), and handcrafted using a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) vertical milling press.

Edel premium putters are precision milled instruments in all models and styles, whether a mallet or a blade, a center shaft or plumber’s neck. The putters are made from only the best quality materials in the world. Edel custom putters are currently in the hands of top professionals and serious golfers all over the world.

Cost per putter varies from $375 to $800

TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Mallet Putter

golfJustin Rose finally earned his breakthrough victory on the PGA Tour using the Corza Ghost putter. It was also TaylorMade’s first victory for the Corza Ghost putter. Rose used it to rank No. 1 in putts per green-in-regulation (1.585) and No. 2 in putts per round (27).
Inspired by the current “flavor-of-the-month” putting guru, Dave Stockton, the Ghost is a mallet putter specially designed to be exceptionally easy to aim, and exceptionally easy to use to roll the ball down your intended line.
To make it even easier to aim the Corza Ghost, Rossa engineers put three black alignment lines on the crown and a circular hole in the back of the putter head, giving you different options to focus on to lock in your aim. You can focus on the top line to aim the Ghost, or you can focus on the alignment lines to visually connect the circular hole and your ball to lock in your aim.


Ghost Alignment

Because the Corza Ghost’s putter head is white, its three alignment options are easier to focus on and use, according to Dr. Hitzeman, a past chairman of the American Optometric Association’s Sports Vision Section. “The Corza Ghost putter’s three alignment elements all have high contrast against their backgrounds. This high contrast maximizes stimulation to the retina, which helps the golfer to focus and use these aiming features effectively.”

Other features of note that the Corza Ghost offers are it’s white finish which helps keep hot spots from standing out, allowing you to focus your attention on seeing the whole form of the putter head and the alignment system, so you can aim without distraction.

An extremely important feature is the use of Rossa’s renowned and tour-proven AGSI®+ (Anti-skid Groove System Insert) Technology. AGSI+ features 14 polymer-filled grooves in the face that “hold” the ball briefly at impact to promote forward spin for a smoother roll and more accurate results. The AGSI+ insert, in concert with the putter head’s extremely high MOI, also delivers superior consistency in forward roll on off-center hits, something not shown in tests of other popular putters.

Being a mallet, the Corza Ghost’s high-MOI head is extremely stable on off-center hits and feels extremely solid at impact. Its three alignment lines on the crown function not only to help aim the face accurately, but also to frame the ball in the middle of the face, which promotes solid, center-face contact on every stroke. The putter uses a heel shafted single bend shaft.

Two more Ghost models – a blade and a mid-mallet – also with white finish and black alignment lines, are scheduled to become available in July.

MSRP: $159.00                   


SeeMore Putters
Zach Johnson just recorded his seventh win at the Crowne Plaza Invitational by using a SeeMore putter. Once again this Franklin, Tennessee, based company has introduced a truly useful putter that simply makes sense and definitely lowers your putts per round. New for 2010 is their DB4 CS Gunmetal putter with RST2 Technology.

In my humble opinion, if you cannot afford to be custom fit for a putter or simply do not have the time for whatever reason, the SeeMore line of putters, are without doubt, going to increase your putting prowess.

The DB4 is the most exciting new product launch from SeeMore in many years, as it offers a very simple, effective, and innovative twist on a classic design.  RST2 alignment technology expands the proprietary alignment benefits of SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology (RST) to a classic blade design with offset hosel for the Golf Productsfirst time.

The RST2 alignment system is housed on the top of the hosel vs. the original RST system that is found on the top heel section of the putter.  The 2 white lines on top of the hosel are milled perfectly parallel to the face of the putter, creating a perfect “gun sight” effect where the golfer is assured of being square to the intended target line when the white lines are visible and the signature red dot is hidden.

The RST2 system also assures that the loft of the putter head will be optimal for perfect roll on every putt.
The golfer also can be confident that by lining up the 2 white lines, and making sure the red is not visible, that his eyes and shoulders and hips will all be square to the intended target line.  This means that the golfer will enjoy a much greater probability of making a consistently perfect stroke with each and every putt, leading to more made putts and lower scores due to improved putting.  The RST2 brings most of the key benefits of SeeMore’s patented and proven RST (RifleScope) technology to the large golfing population who love the classic looks of this type of putter.

The DB4 is 100% milled in the USA, and is available in carbon steel with a proprietary multi-layer black satin finish for striking and lasting beauty.

$295.00    DB4 CS carbon steel in gunmetal black.
$325.00    platinum DB4 in 303 Stainless steel

Yes! Golf’s C-Groove “Morgan”, “Donna II” & “Mollie” putters

YES! Golf has added three new putters to its lineup for 2010. The new C-Groove putters, Morgan and Mollie, feature multi-material head construction and the new Donna II putter features a plumber neck hosel.

The Morgan and Mollie are classic blade putter shapes that are enhanced by YES! Golf’s C-Grooves technology and multi-material head construction. The head combines a tungsten back with a stainless steel body and an aluminum face. The synergy of the light, aluminum face and extremely heavy back perimeter maximizes the moment of inertia, stabilizing the face at impact, resulting in more control and consistency. The putters will be available in right hand only for a suggested retail of $360.
Mollie                          Morgan

Donna II is an extension of the popular hybrid Donna putter. It has a plumber neck hosel as opposed to the offset double bend shaft in the Donna. Available in right and left hand, the suggested retail of Donna II is $300.

Bettinardi Putters Bettinardi BB1 Putters
Bettinardi BB 1

This master of his domain, Bobby Bettinardi, putter craftsman, has just introduced his latest creation — the BB1.

The BB1 is a traditional heel-toe weighted putter that has a more rounded shape, punctuated with soft edges throughout. This model is a perennial favorite for the professional and amateur golfer alike.

The BB 1, as with the rest of the BB Series putter line, is produced to the tightest tolerances in the golf industry. Each model is 100% CNC milled in the USA, using Bettinardi’s One-Piece Technology milling process. Every putter is finished with Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb face to ensure the highest level of performance.

The 2010 BB Series is plated with a luxurious Black Nickel finish that guarantees the highest level of durability. Each model is milled with a single sightline to aid with alignment. Every putter is completed with a pistol style grip and a patented black Bettinardi head cover.

MSRP: $265.00                      

Odyssey Backstryke putter

Odyssey Backstryke Blade Putters
The very popular and hugely successful Odyssey line of putters has made a habit of developing ‘big idea’ products that revolutionize the putting game… first there was insert technology… then came 2-Ball… now it’s time to welcome the Backstryke putter.

In designing Backstryke Putters, Odyssey engineers have moved the shaft backward, placing the axis of the shaft point as close as possible to the putter head’s center of gravity. This in-line axis develops what Odyssey design experts call Stroke Balance – a fluid and stable stroke path, promoting better distance control, consistency and accuracy.

The Backstryke uses a Visible Face Alignment feature that allows golfers to clearly see if the face is square to the target line without the shaft impeding the line of sight. This will significantly benefit golfers who struggle with long putts and who also consistently position their existing putter away from the intended target line.

Odyssey’s Forward Press Stabilization Technology also allows for a hands-forward position without de-lofting the putter head, a common problem when using a forward-press putting style. This results in enhanced stabilization, a more upward stroke on the golf ball, and a truer roll more often.

The unique design of the Backstryke gives a forward shaft lean that will help every golfer emulate a style adopted by the game’s greatest putters. This shaft position also aids a stable straight line with the leading arm, preventing wrist-break during the stroke. The loft for these putters is 4° – a la Dave Stockton.

The Backstryke is available is three head designs, 2-Ball, Blade and Marxman, and features a White Ice multi-layer insert that has been fine-tuned to enhance responsiveness and consistency. The face surface has also been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls.

The Backstryke is already the talk of both the PGA and Champions Tour, and is being used by Callaway Staff Professionals, including England’s Oliver Wilson, Thomas Bjorn of Denmark and Eduardo Romero of Argentina.

MSRP: $199.00          



STX is acknowledged as being the golf industry’s foremost authority on insert face technology. Part of their USP (Unique Selling proposition) is “Better Putting Through Chemistry”. Tests conducted by STX show even blindfolded golfers can truly feel the difference between a STX putter and any other putter.

golf Their new face balanced STX ProFIT 5 is a classically styled “Anser” looking model, milled from 17-4 stainless steel that features a plumber’s neck blade and a great black PVD finish. This is the putter we tested at Torrey Pines Golf Course, using the red insert, and it performed outstandingly!

STX’s unique perspective is that it’s all to do with the STX interchangeable inserts and weights that allow the golfer to adapt to the playing conditions of a particular course.

For slow conditions, the green insert (firmest) and a 14 gram weight will help you dial in your distance control, while the black (softest) insert and the 5 gram weight will be most beneficial on fast greens. Lastly, try the red (medium) insert with various weight configurations to dial in your settings. It’s three putters in one!

The ProFIT customizing set is sold separately for $59.99.

MSRP: ProFit 5     $229.00

Now that you have the latest information on the best putters available today, there are no excuses to blame the equipment.

Practice keeping your head perfectly still and wait to hear the ball drop. Focus on distance and speed. Get the ball to the hole. Have fun, stay positive and enjoy putting!

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers” and his current book, “How to Build Business Relationships Through Golf” is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s best seller list.

He can be reached at or


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Golf Equipment Reviews Sheets & Eats

Whisker Shoe Laces

Really? Yes indeed.

Whiskers Enters U.S. Golf Market with Array of Color Pops, Cool Patterns on Shoelaces
Whiskers has launched men’s and women’s premium golf-specific shoelaces in nearly 20 color pops and unique patterns, expanding beyond its immensely popular bespoke laces for sneakers, casual and dress shoes, and boots.
The Made-in-the-USA golf laces coordinate in style and color with famous golf footwear and apparel brands as well as palettes of college and professional sports teams.  Made of ultra-durable poly-nylon tech weave with high-grade aglets, they are available in classic and athletic profiles, flat and oval shapes, and 30- to 45-inch lengths.  Best sellers include navy and light blue, orange and white, berry and black, green and blue, and purple and pink.  A pair is $15 and a set of five is $60.
The company’s entry into the $84B golf economy is timely and massive.  Through August 2021, golf rounds are up 11.3% over 2020, with millennials – who especially relish self-expression – representing one of the fastest growing golf segments.  Sales of golf equipment, apparel and accessories rose 37% over the same 12-month period.
Golf style trends also align with the company’s mission to create a Whiskers “movement” and its vision to become the world’s most iconic, inspirational, aspirational and ubiquitous premium golf lace and accent brand.  Golfers are paying more attention to how they look, supported by a new crop of young, causal Tour players and influencers injecting tremendous fashion energy into the golf landscape.  Easing of traditional dress codes at country clubs also contributes to Whiskers’ market opportunity. $39.99 as shown.

In addition to a robust e-commerce business, programs underway include a seamless ordering portal for golf shops; special edition socks around major tournaments and other events; presence on the feet of PGA and LPGA Tour players; and collaborations with golf footwear and apparel brands.
The brand is uber-popular as evidenced by rave reviews from major fashion and lifestyle media, as well as customer testimonials.  Widely recognized as a “here-to-stay trend,” Whiskers’ laces are becoming collectors’ items and are available on scores of websites, select specialty shops and at

Make Winter time Productive For Your Golf Game

jeff students 2

If you live in an area where winter means cold temperatures, rain, sleet, snow and wind, your golf game may be tucked safely in the back of your mind.

While that’s understandable it is still a time to prepare for when the weather takes a turn for the better.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your winter productive for your game...

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This Month’s Featured Web Site Featured Golf School


If you thought the Orient Express was high class, then you will love Rovos Rail. Recapture the romance and atmosphere of a bygone era as you step aboard our reconditioned wood-paneled coaches and enjoy fine cuisine in five-star luxury. Golf safaris are also available

Professional Golf Teachers Association

PGTAA graduates have access to positions as golf teaching professionals including head professionals at

both private and public country clubs, golf schools, driving ranges, golf learning centers, indoor facilities, high schools and college coaches. Custom club makers have added golf teaching as a new dimension to their businesses. Graduates can also expect to hold positions as managers of both public and private golf facilities within the US and internationally.

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Instruction Area Gof Tips and Tricks

Having problems with your swing? – Fix your slice! by Johnny Miller

I recently was examining swing sequences of some of the greatest players in history. Knowing that some of these players favored a draw as their standard shot while others preferred a fade, I sought to identify swing features within each group that would explain their respective ball-flight tendencies. Something profound emerged that I think will benefit all golfers, especially those cursed with a wicked slice.

What I found was this: Virtually every accomplished fader of the ball–from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods–displayed a straight left arm at the top of the backswing. Conversely, those who preferred a draw–players like Arnold Palmer and Bobby Jones–maintained a slight bend at the elbow.

This discovery is great news for most slicers, as they tend to do by accident what intentional faders do on purpose. In this article I’ll explain why the dynamic works, and how a simple swing change will make a powerful draw your standard shot.

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This area of is designed to help everyone improve their golf game, pros and novices alike. Here our two Pro’s, Geoff Greig and Mark Immelman, explore different aspects of the golf swing and game improvement techniques.

Although we are not able to directly answer questions relating to golf tips, you might try posting your question on our golf tips message board.

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