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Good Golf Does Begin with a Good Grip

If you go to the driving range at a professional golf event, you will see a vast array of golf swings. However, you will also see that although all professional golfers swing the club differently, they all have a good hold on the golf club by way of a sound grip.

A correct grip is the most fundamental aspect of the golf game, yet too many golfers ignore this integral facet of the game – sadly to the detriment of their games.

The Correct Grip

Ensuring that you have a sound grip will put you well on the way to improving your ball striking and lowering your scores.

A proper grip demonstrates the following characteristics

Left Hand – The handle/grip of the club is held predominantly in the fingers of the left hand. That is, across the middle joint of the forefinger and across and above the base of the last three fingers.

Right Hand – The handle/grip of the club should lie across the base of the two middle fingers (where the two middle fingers meet the palm).

As you grip the club correctly, you should note the following

The “V” formed by the thumb and the forefinger of the left hand pointing toward the middle of the right shoulder;
Two-and-a-half knuckles, or the logo on the glove or left hand;
A slight cupping or dish-angle in the left wrist;
The “V” formed by the thumb and the forefinger of the right hand pointing toward the right ear;
The palm of the right hand pointing primarily to the target; and
The hands molded together as a unit as the thumb of the right hand fits neatly into the palm of the left hand.
Ensure that you grip the golf club correctly – as you do this, you will notice an increased sensation of freedom in your golf swing that will enable you to release the golf club powerfully as you hit long and straight golf shots!

Good Golfing!

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