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Callaway Paradym Star: Can ultra-light clubs unlock distance for you?

Every recreational golfer would love to step up to the tee and pound a drive down the middle with the power of Jon Rahm or hit iron shots with the laser-guided precision of Xander Schauffele or Rose Zhang. However, most of us lack the swing speed to create a 300-yard drive and don’t find the sweet spot in our irons often enough either.

Golfers who lack speed and who need to maximize forgiveness need equipment that is designed very differently than the gear made for elite golfers, which tends to be heavy, rigid and unforgiving on mis-hits. So, for several seasons, Callaway has offered ultra-lightweight equipment under the “Star” family, including the 2017 GBB Epic Star and 2021 Epic Star Max woods and irons. These clubs were designed for golfers who can get more overall distance by hitting higher shots and maximizing carry distance instead of roll.

Callaway has now released the Paradym Star woods and irons, a family of clubs that utilize the technologies found in this season’s Paradym drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, along with ultra-lightweight components so slower-swinging golfers can generate more clubhead speed and more distance.

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