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Best golf socks in 2023

A great round of golf can only be ruined by a handful of things.

A sudden change in the weather and a bad shot or two are to be expected and oftentimes something out of your control. One thing you can control on the course, however, is the comfort of your feet.

There’s nothing that derails a round like a bad pair of socks. Catching a blister on the back of your heel or having your toe poke through, opening a sweaty river in the sole of your new favorite pair of golf shoes can ruin your day on the course.

Socks are not often thought of as an important piece of equipment, but we’re here to change that. What other sport, besides distance running, are you on your feet for miles and hours at a time? Take care of your feet and you’ll see improvements in your focus, recovery and even in your score.



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