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Best golf gloves for 2023

Golf gloves are nearly as necessary as a golf ball. While you don’t technically need one, a golf glove has plenty of benefits aside from completing your golf aesthetic.

Gloves help you maintain a firm grip on the club without strangling the grip. It keeps the club from slipping and sliding around the palm of your hand and also prolongs the life of your golf club grips by keeping moisture and oils to a minimum.

A proper fitting glove should leave a slight gap across the palm when your fingers are stretched out. It should also only fasten about halfway across the velcro. Once you begin to break it in, the velcro will match up until the life of the glove is complete.

Our own David Dusek suggests buying gloves in bulk to ensure you have the best grip and thus the best chance of hitting a good shot every time you step up to your ball. Biting the bullet on a dozen premiere gloves for about $300 will allow you to grip it and rip it all summer long.

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