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Best better-player distance irons for 2023

A decade ago, better-player distance irons didn’t exist, but today it is one of the hottest and most innovation-filled categories in golf.

So we are clear, better-player distance irons are designed to look like the clubs single-digit handicap golfers want to play. They have compact blade lengths, narrow toplines and soles and typically come with only a touch of offset. However, manufacturers pack them with distance-enhancing features and technologies so they appeal to players who might lose a few yards, and they tend to be more forgiving than cavity-back and muscleback irons made for aspiring club champions.

While some of the clubs on this list were released earlier in 2023, several have been dropped within the past few weeks, giving golfers who shoot in the 70s and low 80s more choices to consider.

As always, the best way to find the ideal set of irons to match your game is to work with a good custom fitter who has a launch monitor and try several options. Below are several models you might want to consider.



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