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Putter Works of Art

By: Dr. Barry Lotz

With the advent of space age materials, computer aided design programs, engineers abounding (themselves being avid golfers) and entrepreneurs entering the putter business, the past 3 years have produced “innovative” and decidedly avante – garde putter designs.

While doing the annual clean up of the equipment locker for putters for donations to worthy causes such as charity golf tournaments, I came across some putters that caught my eye relative to their artistic merit as well as their playing ability.

Do not for one instant assume that these putters are totally useless or lack functionality. Many, while appearing to have no lineage whatsoever as far a putters are concerned, do in actual fact work and even win tournaments.

Do not for one instant assume that these putters are totally useless or lack functionality. Many, while appearing to have no lineage whatsoever as far a putters are concerned, do in actual fact work and even win tournaments.

The Bettinardi BB8

This totally milled putter is truly the most exquisite putter available today. Not only are its lines sleek and elegant, the putter is so finely balanced and best of all, performs wonderfully on the greens. Its Honeycomb face finish is stately to say the least. The biggest obstacle to using this putter is that I felt it needed to be mounted on a wall.

This putter is truly incompable to every putter currently on the market. Even the famed Scotty Cameron line of similar putters does not have the manufacturing process (one-piece milling) so well defined and executed. The differences and benefits of a totally milled putter versus a forged or two piece-milled putter, such as the Scotty Cameron, are staggering. A two-piece construction of a putter is where the hosel and head are made separately and then welded together. The weld is where the problem lies. It is a proven fact that the heat generated from a weld distorts the metal properties and can leave hot and chill spots after cooling. As you have probably seen in some example is the distortion of the characteristics of the metal being welded in turning red. This creates the potential of inconsistencies throughout the putter head. The ball can rebound differently off the putter face depending on the density and characteristics of the metal at that location. The one-piece technology avoids any of those potential problems, by eliminating the need for welding, forgings or castings.

Bettinardi’s limited special edition, the Bettinardi “38 Special”, is in hot demand by the likes of Michael Jordan, Frank Thomas of the White Sox and Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Price is a mere $999.

Bettinardi: Visit or call 708.802.7400.

The Bettinardi BB8

The New Kid on the block  the P2 Solution

A win at the Honda Classic in March by Jesper Parnevik has inundated the phone lines at SG Golf Tech Inc dba Sticky Golf. David Williams has taken this new four year old overnight success company under his well financed wings and based on his business plan and technological assumptions that are well removed from the “classic/generic’ putters into a product that must win the most “Artistic Putter to Date” Award.

But don’t let this “different’ looking putter scare or fool you  it works.

Most putters manufactured today are variations of previously over-copied putter designs. The P2 Solution Putter line is like no putter ever offered. Their putter shapes were designed with proper alignment in mind, which helps a golfer properly point the putter where he or she wants to, every time. Sticky Golf contends that their design is the next generation in putting technology.

Sticky Golf claims five superior design and manufacturing attributes have been incorporated into the P2 Solution & P2 Solution II, giving them the most comprehensive inventory of technological advancements in putters today:

The First is Precision Milling.

Most putters manufactured today use a casting process. Casting is the cheapest means of mass-producing putters. However, this process diminishes the density of the metal. This factor reduces the feedback and feel of the putter. Each putter is milled from a solid block of brass called billet. Even though this process creates the most material waste for the manufacturer, it also allows them to produce putters over and over again to exacting tolerances. Unlike most manufactures, the P2 series are produced in-house to enable hands-on oversight of quality control.

The Second is Center Shafting.

Center shafting gives the P2 Solution Putters the greatest level of balance achievable. The shaft is mathematically centered side-to-side as well as front to back allowing for the “sweet spot” to be in the mathematical center of the putter. The center shafting feature helps both reduce the torque factor that results from off-center toe or heel putts. allows a perimeter/top weighting system that moves the majority of the weight of the P2 Solution Putters to the perimeter/top of the putter. This factor helps reduce ball dispersion, which in-turn creates a truer putt.

The Third is the Copolymer Insert.

Sticky Golf has developed two inserts that are uniquely different. The softer insert is designed for faster green conditions. This insert causes the ball to topspin quickly and skid less on the average putt because the insert material grips the ball, forcing it to over-spin in a shorter distance than a traditional putter.

Additionally, the soft insert makes all golf balls feel like a balata ball. The harder insert is designed for slower green conditions. This insert provides for the same topspin and skid advantage of our softer insert, but has a firmer feel and compensates for slower green conditions.

The Fourth is the Threaded-Shank System.

This system allows for adjustability in lie and hand press position. The stainless steel shanks at the shaft/head assemble point can be adjusted 3 degrees in any direction after final assembly. The threading system also allows for custom fitting at the retail level, which gives the user a custom fitting prior to final assembly. A retailer can order multiple shanks with multiple lies and fit them into any putter head Sticky Golf manufactures.

Royal Onyx” Instant Shaft Adhesive is the preferred adhesive of Sticky Golf. It is a revolutionary new adhesive designed for the golf industry. This one-part cyanoacrylate is the strongest and most impact resistant adhesive available for bonding club-heads. It sets in as little as 20 seconds. Sticky Golf’s Threaded-Shafting System maximizes the effectiveness of the adhesive by creating a precision fit.

The Fifth is the P2’s Forward-Face Progression and On-Set Shaft Position

The company’s putters feature forward-face progression with an on-set shaft position; meaning the shaft position is behind the face of the putter. Almost all putters manufactured today feature an off-set shaft position. When a player’s hands are forward of the hitting surface, he or she is more apt to hit a put with a descending blow, which can cause more backspin in a put. A player “pulls” the putter down the target line with an off-set shaft putter.

These putter’s on-set shaft position allows a player to “push” the putter down the target line, which causes little to no backspin because the putter face tends to strike the ball on an ascending stroke, forcing it to over-spin in a shorter distance.

Of the 25 testers using the P2 Solution during testing on Torrey Pines putting greens, the most stated comment was the ideal set up the putter provided. Using a 35 1/2 inch putter, the general consensus among the testers was that the alignment mark should be a line versus the existing dot. Feel and feedback were two other positive attributes elicited. Most of the testers agreed that prior to purchasing this putter, it’s “looks” were something they had to come to grips with.

Sticky Golf or call 888-628-3778

Dandy Putters  Masterful Design and Winning Capabilities

The Dandy is probably one of the best-kept secrets in golf. The design is reminiscent of the Art Deco era and it’s crisp lines and color combinations are very artistic. Vijay Singh played the Dandy to win the Masters 2000 and Dr. Gil Morgan has used the Dandy for the past year and a half and won six times with it on the Senior PGA Tour.

The Dandy makes putting a whole lot easier for all golfers. It is perfectly balanced at setup and impact with the face set at 0°. Because of its patented technology, it actually lifts the ball at impact with over-spin producing the best roll in the game. It features a built in forward pressing shaft that automatically sets you in the proper address position with your hands in front of the putter face for better control. The ball seeks the hole as if it were on a mission.

Although the model Vijay used (Blade IVM) has a conventional grip, the company believes that you’ll putt better with the standard pistol grip rotated 90° clockwise (Blade IV), which helps you feel the one piece connection between your left shoulder, forearm, wrist and hands (opposite is true for left handers). This prevents the left wrist from bending backwards or “breaking down,” the #1 cause of putting inconsistency. The grip slides up about 1 inch to touch the pulse point (center) of your wrist.

The Dandy putter is the first Onset Face Balanced putter (putter face pointing towards the ground) that delivers its full force at impact. It resists twisting throughout the entire backstroke and follow-through. It’s like the little red wagon analogy. It’s easier to pull the wagon by the handle then to push it by the handle. The same thing applies to putting! It’s easier to pull the mass (putter head) backwards, then it is to push the mass backwards. Once you get the putter to the top of your backstroke, you gain gravity as an ally. With gravity on your side, the Dandy putter wants to work the line and swing down without manipulation through impact, where it matters most.

Unlike the Dandy, Offset putters are much more difficult to take away in the backstroke and they deliver their full force after impact, after the ball is long gone. As a result, a player has to generate more force through manipulation of their body’s hands and arms to make up for the loss of efficiency in an offset putter.

The Dandy also has the majority of the weight equally positioned in the heel and toe of the putter to help contribute to the putter’s very Broad Sweet Spot.

The Dandy Changes the Way You Look at Putting

Top View Dandy Putter Top View Other Putters (PING)
(Unobstructed View  Onset) (Obstructed View – Offset)

Because the Dandy is perfectly balanced, it promotes relaxed muscles, which are proven to perform more consistently than tense muscles. Counter balancing the weight of the putter face with an offset and forward-pressing shaft achieves the perfect balance at setup. It’s also the Dandy’s balance that keeps it square in relation to your body throughout the putting stroke and resists any twisting or torque of the putter-head at impact. This is another breakthrough in putter design that can greatly enhance your performance, giving you the competitive edge.

Our group of testers, who specifically enjoyed the way the putter set up. They were very impressed by the Dandy and by the remarkable “feel” exuded by the Touring Pro version ($495). The Dandy Touring Pro model is a very expensive putter, though other less expensive models are also available. Their web site is worth a visit. The workings of the putter and instructional video clips are par excellence!

Dandy Golf: or call 1-800-DANDY-19

STX Golf

STX Tour Mallet  A truly fine work of both art and workmanship!

This particular STX model is sleek and elegant. It is a great feeling and responsive putter and with the stroke reduction benefits it offers through the option of switching blade inserts, makes this putter well worth the investment.

This putter is a cavity-backed mallet with optimal center weighted sweet spot. It is face balanced and center shafted with an interchangeable insert face design. It features a 19-degree lie with a 3-degree loft and is available in both right handed or left handed models.

Today’s hotter golf balls explode off a club head for longer drives. But those same explosive qualities can cost strokes on the green. Superior putting is a matter of control…so the longer putter and ball stay in contact the greater a player’s accuracy and control on the green. The softer a putters face, the longer the dwell time. STX’s USP (Unique Selling Position) is that their putters give golfers ‘The Softest Legal Face In Golf’. As is commonly known and accepted by golfers, a harder face means less control. STX’s inserts supposedly deliver three times more dwell time than conventional putters and can reduce skid distance by up to 40% resulting in more accurate putts.

The STX standard face yields a normal rebound on normal to fast greens while the patented Plus (+) face is engineered for slow greens, providing more energy to the ball at impact.

Our testers really enjoyed the putter especially after seeing the results of switching the insert on Torrey Pines Golf Course’s slow greens. The interchangeable face technology, coupled with the heel-toe perimeter weighted design, maximizes directional control, resulting in improved distance, accuracy and control, without sacrificing feel and feedback.

STX has been a favorite of many PGA pros such as Jesper Parnevik and Scott MCCarron (BellSouth Classic 2001 Winner).

STX offers 9 different models with an average price of $200.00

STX Golf or call 800.789.7888

The .75 Caliber Railgun TM

This putter rightfully belongs in a modern art gallery to say the least. Comments elicited from observers and users are synonymous with an art critic’s reviews of art:

  • Railroad Tracks
  • Catamaran
  • Croquet Mallet
  • Railroad Tie
  • I-Beam
  • Branding Iron
  • Pontoon Boat
  • Garden Tool Metal Detector*
  • Grill Per.
  • Pan Pizza*
  • Pecan Picker Roman #3
  • Battlebot
  • * with headcover

The Railgun however, does work for numerous reasons though the most prevalent feature is its alignment prowess. With its Onset feature, the shaft does not obstruct or add optical illusions to alignment. Additionally, it is 100% efficient visually due to the fact that the putter head is devoid of curves and angles so the entire head works for alignment.

The Railgun features over 80% perimeter weighting. Aluminum cavity back plates, strategically placed stainless steel and copper tungsten weights and a hollow aluminum center barrel provide excellent forgiveness  commonly referred to as “high moment of inertia” which also reduces twisting at impact.

The putter is solid in all aspects, producing, according to our test panel, the easiest “pendulum motion” of the putters tested. The gaps in the putter head let you see exactly where you are at all time thereby enhancing the fluid preferred pendulum motion associated with good putting. The putter is USGA approved just in case you are wondering if this is a teaching/training aid.

Finally, due to the zero degree loft of the putter an additional benefit of the Railgun is it’s ability to produce efficient rolling of the ball end over end resulting in initial putts rolling about 10 to 15% farther than expected.

Then putter includes a very unusual Green Beret style head cover.

General Dimensions:

Face Height = 1″ ” Toe to Heel = 3.5″ ” Front to Back = 3.25″
Rails = .5″x .5″ ” Barrel = .75″ Caliber

The putter is priced at $129 and comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Railgun Golf: or call 512-331-6422

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers” and his current book, “How to Build Business Relationships Through Golf” is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s best seller list.

He can be reached at or


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Golf Equipment Reviews Sheets & Eats

Whisker Shoe Laces

Really? Yes indeed.

Whiskers Enters U.S. Golf Market with Array of Color Pops, Cool Patterns on Shoelaces
Whiskers has launched men’s and women’s premium golf-specific shoelaces in nearly 20 color pops and unique patterns, expanding beyond its immensely popular bespoke laces for sneakers, casual and dress shoes, and boots.
The Made-in-the-USA golf laces coordinate in style and color with famous golf footwear and apparel brands as well as palettes of college and professional sports teams.  Made of ultra-durable poly-nylon tech weave with high-grade aglets, they are available in classic and athletic profiles, flat and oval shapes, and 30- to 45-inch lengths.  Best sellers include navy and light blue, orange and white, berry and black, green and blue, and purple and pink.  A pair is $15 and a set of five is $60.
The company’s entry into the $84B golf economy is timely and massive.  Through August 2021, golf rounds are up 11.3% over 2020, with millennials – who especially relish self-expression – representing one of the fastest growing golf segments.  Sales of golf equipment, apparel and accessories rose 37% over the same 12-month period.
Golf style trends also align with the company’s mission to create a Whiskers “movement” and its vision to become the world’s most iconic, inspirational, aspirational and ubiquitous premium golf lace and accent brand.  Golfers are paying more attention to how they look, supported by a new crop of young, causal Tour players and influencers injecting tremendous fashion energy into the golf landscape.  Easing of traditional dress codes at country clubs also contributes to Whiskers’ market opportunity. $39.99 as shown.

In addition to a robust e-commerce business, programs underway include a seamless ordering portal for golf shops; special edition socks around major tournaments and other events; presence on the feet of PGA and LPGA Tour players; and collaborations with golf footwear and apparel brands.
The brand is uber-popular as evidenced by rave reviews from major fashion and lifestyle media, as well as customer testimonials.  Widely recognized as a “here-to-stay trend,” Whiskers’ laces are becoming collectors’ items and are available on scores of websites, select specialty shops and at

Make Winter time Productive For Your Golf Game

jeff students 2

If you live in an area where winter means cold temperatures, rain, sleet, snow and wind, your golf game may be tucked safely in the back of your mind.

While that’s understandable it is still a time to prepare for when the weather takes a turn for the better.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your winter productive for your game...

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This Month’s Featured Web Site Featured Golf School


If you thought the Orient Express was high class, then you will love Rovos Rail. Recapture the romance and atmosphere of a bygone era as you step aboard our reconditioned wood-paneled coaches and enjoy fine cuisine in five-star luxury. Golf safaris are also available

Professional Golf Teachers Association

PGTAA graduates have access to positions as golf teaching professionals including head professionals at

both private and public country clubs, golf schools, driving ranges, golf learning centers, indoor facilities, high schools and college coaches. Custom club makers have added golf teaching as a new dimension to their businesses. Graduates can also expect to hold positions as managers of both public and private golf facilities within the US and internationally.

A magazine’s review of the PGTAA


Instruction Area Gof Tips and Tricks

Having problems with your swing? – Fix your slice! by Johnny Miller

I recently was examining swing sequences of some of the greatest players in history. Knowing that some of these players favored a draw as their standard shot while others preferred a fade, I sought to identify swing features within each group that would explain their respective ball-flight tendencies. Something profound emerged that I think will benefit all golfers, especially those cursed with a wicked slice.

What I found was this: Virtually every accomplished fader of the ball–from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods–displayed a straight left arm at the top of the backswing. Conversely, those who preferred a draw–players like Arnold Palmer and Bobby Jones–maintained a slight bend at the elbow.

This discovery is great news for most slicers, as they tend to do by accident what intentional faders do on purpose. In this article I’ll explain why the dynamic works, and how a simple swing change will make a powerful draw your standard shot.

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This area of is designed to help everyone improve their golf game, pros and novices alike. Here our two Pro’s, Geoff Greig and Mark Immelman, explore different aspects of the golf swing and game improvement techniques.

Although we are not able to directly answer questions relating to golf tips, you might try posting your question on our golf tips message board.

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